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The Elyria Schools Center for Performing Arts

The Elyria Schools Center for the Performing Arts is available for rental after the educational needs of Elyria's students and the schools have been satisfied.
Elyria is a community dedicated to the arts. The citizens of Elyria voted to rebuild Elyria's flagship high school, Elyria High School, in May, 2007. The Ohio School Facilities Commission partnered with the Elyria Schools, funding nearly 40% of the rebuilding project, however the Performing Arts Center was not included in the scope of OSFC's responsibility to the district. With that in mind, the district polled the community to learn if it would support building a new Performing Arts Center completely funded by the community. The answer was a resounding "Yes," and the Performing Arts Center was born!



The Elyria  Schools Center for the Performing Arts officially opened its doors on November 5, 2010. The Performing Arts Center shares its footprint with the main academic wing of the new Elyria High School, which opened to students in September, 2011. The Performing Arts Center enjoys many sophisticated and striking enhancements made possible by a generous donation from Invacare Corporation of Elyria.


The Performing Arts Center seats 832 with an additional 9 wheelchair seats. There are 398 orchestra seats with 434 seats in the Mezzanine. The wheelchair seats are located between the Orchestra and the Mezzanine. Each wheelchair seat also has an adjacent companion seat.
There are two entrances from the large lobby into the auditorium and four exits. The lobby boasts a large concession stand, coat room and a box office. There are tables situated around the lobby for patron use before a performance, during intermissions and following a performance. Just off the lobby in the hallway are restrooms, including a ‘family restroom’.
Backstage offers makeup and dressing rooms, storage areas for costumes and nearby restrooms. Neighboring band and choir rooms serve as warm-up areas.



Lighting System:
  • Philips Strand Classic Palette II Lighting console with 32 sub masters
  • Strand 301 panel stage left working in conjunction with the Classic Palette II console
  • 3 Electrics each with 30 channels (motorized)
  • 1 electric with Cyclorama lights (motorized)
  • FOH Catwalk with 32 channels
  • House Left and Right side towers with 6 channels each
  • 16 channels usr/usl/ dsr/dsl/
  • 200 total dimmers including those set aside for House Lights
  • 2 Lycian 575 watt midget HP Follow Spots located above the light booth

Sound System: 

  • Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing system located in the center of the house
  • 3 overhead main speakers
  • 9 fill speakers
  • 4 monitor speakers available for use
  • 8 wireless receivers
  • A Clear-Com Intercom system is installed in the facility

Stage Rigging:

  • 28 batten fly system consisting of:
  • 3 sets of legs
  • 4 borders
  • 2 travelers
  • 3 sound clouds
  • 1 cyclorama
  • 1 grand drape
  • 1 grand teaser
  • 4 electrics
  • 9 scenery battens
  • Grand Teaser, Grand Drape, 4 Electrics are motorized, and all others are manual.
  • 25% of Load In Weights are at Grid Height, 75% of Load In weights are at rail height
Stage Space:

  • SR wing space is 16.5’
  • SL wing space is 12’
  • Proscenium width is 57’4”
  • Depth from Curtain line is 34’
  • Apron is 10’ deep at CS
  • Total depth, at CS is 44 ft
  • Proscenium height is 19’4” play height is 14’6

Dressing rooms:

  • 5 makeup stations in each dressing room containing a mirror, lighting, and electric outlets
  • Storage cabinets for hanging individual costumes
  • Sinks for cleanup
  • Direct access to the stage


Requests for tours of the facility or questions regarding available dates for rentals should be directed to:
Jim Nichols
Director of Theatre Operations
Elyria Schools Center for the Performing Arts
Email: nicholsjames@elyriaschools.org
Theatre Office Phone:
(440) 284-5209
ThePerforming Arts Center is located at the corner of West Ave and Vic Janowicz Dr.  Parking is available in the lot at the corner of West Ave and 5th St, with entrance into the Lobby through the large glass doors.  The Lobby opens one hour prior to Performance Time.


If you are interested in renting the Elyria High School Center for the Performing Arts, please determine the date of your event and include a backup date, in case the facility is already booked. Call or email Jim Nichols to make a reservation for a tour and to allow time for a consultation to discuss your needs and wants. School events take priority, however, many dates are still open for outside events.
We provide a trained student staff to operate the state-of-the-art equipment and if your needs so require, a professional staff can be made available.






Rental Fees:  


The basic rental fee covers the use of the stage, seating area, lobby, box office (automated ticket system not included),  restrooms, dressing rooms/make-up rooms, warm up room, and  basic stage curtains (grand teaser, grand drape, 3 sets of legs, 2 travelers, 3 borders).  It also includes the basic sound system (including Clear-Com communications system), and the basic lighting system (FOH catwalk, 1st 2nd and 3rd electrics). Use of basic microphones is included, however the light board operator, sound board operator, follow spot operators and back stage personnel are not included. All Technical systems (lighting, sound, backstage) are operated by our trained personnel only.
Basic Rental Fee: (4 hours, Performance Day)
“For Profit”   organizations ----           $900.
“Non-Profit”  organizations ---            $700.
(non-profits must have a valid 501c3 certification)
Additional time beyond the 4 hours: (This includes auditorium use and manager’s time but no student staff) (for additional time needed for load-in or out or set up)
“For Profit”  organizations ---             $200.hr
“Non-Profit” organizations -–             $100.hr
Rehearsal time other than Performance Days:
 (Stage only with work lights, does not      include Theatre director)---                         $50.hr
          (With stage lights, does not include        Theatre Director or technicians) ---                  $100.hr
Other charges:
                Trained Student Staff (4 hr min)    $12.50 hr
                Adult  Professional staff (4 hr min) $30. hr
                Theatre Manager (4 hr minimum)--  $35. hr
Extra Items:
Cyclorama Curtain   (day)                                                         $50.
Cyclorama Lights (day)                        $15.
Movie screen (day) ---                         $20.
Acoustic Shell (day) ---                        $75.
Risers (day) ---                                   $25.
Grand Piano ( day) ---                        $100.
Upright piano (day)---                          $50.
(tuning – going rate)
Orchestra chairs (50) (day)                   $15.
Follow Spots (2 available, day, each, operators additional) ---                                             $25.
Rehearsal space (per day, per room) -    $50.
Cleaning (per hr, per person                                                  $35.
Security: Elyria police ( per event, per hr)                                                             $35.
Special Set-ups for lighting or sound (per hour)                                                   $35.
House Projection System                                         $25.






 DATE  EVENT  Food and/or drink of any kind, including bottled water are not permitted in the Performing Arts Center.  Please do not bring them in for any event.     
Apr 9 3rd grading period awards presentations 8 - 11 am    
Apr 8 OnlineTickets for EHS Musical,  Beauty and the Beast,  go on sale today

Tickets prices:   Adults   $10.00

Students and Seniors     $8.00

Show will be May 2, 3, 4.  

Apr11 - 21 Spring Break      
Apr 23 EHS   Band Concert

7:00 pm   NO Charge  Lobby doors will open at 6:00 .  House opens at 6:30.  Reminder:  No food or Drink Permitted


Apr 28 Lobby Box office will be open from 12 - 5 to purchase Musical tickets.  all seats are reserved.

Adults $ 10.00

Students / Seniors  $ 8.00

Apr 29 Box Office  open from1:00 - 5:00      
Apr 30 Blood Drive  all day Lobby only    
Apr 30 Box Office open from 3:00 - 6:00 pm      
May 1 Box Office open from 2:00 - 5:00 pm      
May 2, 3 & 4 performances,online tickets are on sale Box Office open from 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Show begins at 7:30 PM.  lOBBY DOORS WILL OPEN AT 6:30, HOUSE WILL OPEN AT 7:00 PM

Reminder:  No food or Drink Permitted

May 3 2nd performance of Beauty and the Beast 7:30 pm.  Lobby will open at 6:30 pm and House will open at 7:00 pm.   Reminder::  NO food or Drink permitted.    
May 4 Closing Performance of Beauty and the Beast. 2:00 pm   Lobby doors will open at 1:00 pm.  House will open at 1:30 pm    
May 6 National Honor Society Inductions 7:00 pm,  Lobby doors open at 6:00 pm.  House opens at 6:30 pm.  REMINDER:  FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE PAC:    
May 7 McKinley  2nd and 3rd grade choral concert 7:00 pm,  Lobby will open at 6:00 pm and house will open at 6:30 pm.  reminder:  no Food or Drink Permitted in hte PAC.    
May 8 McKinley  4th and 5th grade choral concert

7:00 pm,  Lobby willl open at 6:00 pm and House will opena t 6:30 pm.  Reminder.  No food or drink permitted.

 May 10  OBERLIN CHORISTERS MAY SONGS CONCERT  3:30 PM  Lobby doors open at 2:30 and House opens at 3:00 pm.   Reminder:  No food or drink are permitted in hte PAC.    
May 12 5th Grade Music parents meeting 7:00 pm   reminder:  no food or drink permittted    
May 14 Prospect choral  concert 7:00 pm   reminder:  no food or drink permitted    
May 15 ROTC  Spring Awards 7:00 pm    reminder:  no food or drink permitted.    
May 16 Northwood Musical evening performance 7:00 pm    reminder:  no food or drink permitted    
May 19 5th Grade Music parents meeting 7:00 pm     reminder:  No food or drink permitted    
May 20 Thespian Inductions 7:00 pm    
May 21 Sign Choir Concert      
May 21 Oakwood Choral Concert 7:00 pm    reminder:  No food or drink Permitted    
May 22 Senior Awards 7:00 pm    reminder:  No food or drink permitted.    
May 27 Sr. class Cap and gown distribution:  1:00 --3:00 pm   LOBBY ONLY    
May 28 Gap and Gown distribution 10:00 am - 2:00 pm  LOBBY ONLY    
May 28 EHS   Choir Concert 7:00 pm    
May 29 EHS     Acapella choir concert 7:00 pm    




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4/21 Conference Make-up Day
4/22 School Resumes
4/23 EHS Band Concert
4/24 MORP Volleyball Game
4/25 MORP Football Game
4/26 MORP Dance
4/28 Reading OAA


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